PBS for Education

Working in partnership


Together with you and your team, PBS is here to help your institution take advantage of the latest technologies in education.

Recognising the drive for efficient administrative processes, PBS has  innovative hardware, software and services that can automate student data management workflows while ensuring that your data storage is fully compliant.

Our overriding aim is to provide you with the most appropriate technology to improve your processes, enabling you to operate at full capacity while offering a high quality experience to your students


Improving process efficiency

At PBS, we understand that student enrolment and admissions processes are hugely paper-intensive. Information regarding your students, their registration details, fees and courses must all be collated, integrated and made available for audit at any time.

Successfully adopted across the education sector, our secure information and document management services can help simplify and speed up key activities in your organisation.


Raising standards

Meeting national quality assurance targets is a high priority for any education institution. The ability to support internal or external assessments by documenting course delivery and grades is key to achieving industry credentials.

With fierce competition for students and staff, promoting these credentials will help you and your institution stand out from the crowd. This is where PBS can help, offering a range of document and information management solutions to promote and improve your communications


Managing data securely

Confidential records are subject to retention and protection rules, so education institutions must prove that they have the necessary systems and workflows in place to safely manage all staff and student data.

By digitising student records to fit national database requirements or the latest best practice, PBS can help you protect confidential information while reducing your reliance on paper-intensive processes.



We are one of the  most experienced and respected print technology providers. As an approved education supplier, we have developed a specialist educational-based facility that will meet all the needs of schools, academies, colleges and universities.

With your own dedicated support team you are assured of the ultimate in personal service, together with advanced technology that delivers impressive print standards, while at the same time helping you lower costs, reduce energy consumption and minimise carbon.

If you need help choosing the best product for your business or call one of our experts today on 0845 467 1807



Print Management Solution

Print Management Solution


Options include

  • Route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers
  • Multiple routing rules can be set per printer
  • Ability to route jobs from one networked printer to another
  • Ask end users to confirm single sided output
  • Delete duplicate jobs or those with incorrect paper sizes automatically
  • Ensures that users are aware of the costs involved with printing
  • Discourage printing of emails via popup warnings
  • Suggest alternate printers when a device is offline
  • Managers can be set as “authorisers” to confirm a job is acceptable before it is printed.
  • Build your own rules with advanced print scripting.

By combining filter rules, administrators can improve printer use, minimize queue hogging, and avoid wasteful print jobs.

Routing Criteria

  • Cost of job
  • Job name
  • Total pages in job
  • Number of copies
  • Number of pages
  • Job contains color
  • Job is printed single sided
  • Originating PC name
  • Time of day
  • Size (in bytes)
  • Printer status


One Platform for all your Print, Scan and Device Management

uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organization. With uniFLOW, our customers benefit from

  • An integrated platform for all your print, scan and device management
  • A software that is scalable to any size to provide flexibility regardless of your business type
  • A modular architecture to allow benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business
  • An open platform to manage the office print and scan infrastructure, as well as the corporate print room
  • A device independent platform allowing you to easily integrate a mixed fleet of devices