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epson-logo Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS Range

Achieve predictable print costs and benefit from the increased productivity of a distributed print fleet that matches your workflow. Models include WorkForce Pro WF-R5190DTW, WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 DTWF, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 DTWF, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 DTWFC, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 D3TWFC

Predictable print costs

Available exclusively as part of a Managed Print Service, WorkForce Pro RIPS printers can help to create a distributed printer fleet that both handles the demands of busy workgroups and delivers predictable print costs

High performance, low intervention

Keep your business moving with WorkForce Pro RIPS. Forget frequent time-wasting interruptions to change consumables, deal with supplies mis-management, fix problems or wait for IT support. Just concentrate on smooth, on-demand business printing.

Proximity and security

The benefits of a distributed printer fleet include easy access, confidentiality and control, which all contribute to enhanced workflow. The local distributed print model is particularly useful where confidentiality and fast, direct access to prints is crucial. This includes senior management, legal and HR environments, and customer-facing staff like teachers, doctors, nurses and retail staff who can’t leave customers, patients or students while they go off to pick up prints.workforce-pro-wf-r5690dtwf-deal

Inclusive prints are per month and extra prints are charged at only 5.0 colour and 0.5p mono

£100 John Lewis Voucher For Orders Accepted By 23/12/2016johnlewisvouchersworkforce-pro-wf-r8590-d3twfc-deal

Inclusive prints are per month and extra prints are charged at only 5.0p colour and 0.5p mono

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