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Leasing Your Solution


One of the clearest reasons why leasing is far more popular than purchasing out right is the fact that it allows companies to move with the times and update their equipment as technologies progress. It goes without saying that the performance of technology is something that is continually improving and by utilising leasing companies, a business doesn’t have to keep a piece of equipment that is no longer suitable for their expanding business needs.


Tax Advantages
Lease payments are 100% tax deductible unlike outright purchases which can only make use of writing down (depreciation) allowances.
Improve Cash Flow
Leasing gives companies the option to make use of new equipment through affordable fixed payments. It helps preserve capital resources, spread costs and reduces your working capital requirement.


Preserve Credit Lines
Leasing is an additional source of funds for you. It leaves your lines of credit and cash balances fully available for other essential business needs.


Our leasing packages can be structured to meet you budget requirements enabling successful forward planning.


Protect against obsolescence
At the end of your lease we will upgrade your equipment to the latest technology without a change in price. You will never worry about outdated hardware again.


Sales and Lease Back
Due to our flexible approach we offer customers the opportunity to sell some of their existing capital equipment and we will immediately lease the asset back. This will give your business a cash infusion and help release equity that may be better utilised elsewhere.