HP DesignJet T2500 Multifunction Printer


HP Designjet T2500 36-in ePrinter



A two-roll 36-inch (1118-mm) printer that’s as easy as it is versatile.

  • Web connectivity with HP DesignJet ePrint & Share*
  • Print, scan, and copy functions
  • Integrated output stacking tray
  • Two-roll configuration with smart switching
  • Prints up to E/A0-size
  • D/A1-size prints in 21 seconds

Requires an HP DesignJet ePrint & Share account, Internet connection to the printer, and connected Internet-capable device. When using the HP DesignJet ePrint & Share mobile app, a compatible Apple® iOS or Android™ device and Internet connection are required. Data or connection charges may apply. Print times may vary. 2 GB of temporary storage per account.


Easily scan, copy and print reliably from mobile devices and benefit from an integral output stacking tray to organise and protect your drawings. Improve workflow – switch between two rolls with this front loading, multifunction ePrinter with A0 capabilities and touchscreen monitoring/tracking.

  • A0 printer (36 inch / 914mm)
  • Super fast printing – create A1 page in 21 seconds / 60 A0 prints per hour
  • Built in media stacker for neatly stacked prints
  • 2 rolls, front loading with smart switching between rolls
  • Load effortlessly even from seated due to reduced printer height
  • Full colour integrated touchscreen
  • Compact size – smaller footprint than the Designjet T2300 eMFP
  • HP ePrint and Share – offers ability to print from virtually anywhere and access/share projects
  • Scanning of PDF files only available with HP Designjet T2500 PostScript eMultifunction Printer

Speed up your workflow – easily scan and email sketches and hand-annotated drawings directly to your partners. Instantly share and manage content, scan to your network folder, FTB, USB drive or directly to the cloud and email projects to your T2500 eMFP. For those who opt for the PostScript version of the Designjet T2500 you can also directly print and scan PDF files without drivers using the USB drive.

The integrated scanner (up to 600 dpi) provides a unique straight-through scan paper path rather than the pull through and push out design – to ensures less wear and tear on scanning components over time.  The newly HP patented algorithm for angle detection and edge detection also helps to speed up workflow with the T2500s automated skew correction feature – keeping scanning errors to an absolute minimum. The capabilities of the T2500 scanner has been increased to allow for up to 12 metre scanning lengths, together with true blueprint scanning of prints with a blue/back background.

The Designjet T2500 eMultifunction Printer 6 ink printer builds upon its predecessor the Designjet T2300 with enhancements that make your print jobs both easier and quicker (3-4 times as fast) providing optimised workflows and better collaboration. The footprint of this printer is 30% smaller than the T2300 and it offers increased memory capacity of 128GB (virtual) and a 320GB hard disk.

The print resolution is 2400 x 1200 with enhanced colour fringing correction and border detection. The file compression settings can be set both higher and lower than the printers precedessor, the Designjet T2300.  This printer has 6 inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, grey, matte black and photo black) – all inks are dye based except the matte black which is pigment based. and there is a single printhead. HP original inks deliver vibrant colours, dark blacks and true neutral greys.

Available media types are: Bond and coated paper (bond, coated, heavyweight coated, super heavyweight plus matte, coloured), technical paper (natural tracing, translucent bond, vellum), film (clear, matte, polyester), photographic paper (satin, gloss, semi-gloss, matte, high-gloss), backlit and self-adhesive (two-view cling, indoor paper, polypropylene, vinyl). The media weights can vary between 60 to 328 gsm.  The maximum thickness of media is 19.7 mil.

This printer provides two automatic front-loading roll feeds with auto smart switching from different size or types of media – to ensure smooth workflow and reduced down time.  The innovative integral stacking tray (first introduced with the Designjet T920 and T1500 range of printers) allows prints to be neatly stacked and easily collected.



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