HP DesignJet T7200 Multifunction Printer


HP DesignJet T7200 Multifunction Printer



The HP DesignJet T7200 is a 42-inch large format production printer that provides truly superb quality printouts with a relatively low total cost of ownership. This machine offers excellent flexibility to help improve efficiency and productivity – it comes with two rolls as standard (with the option to upgrade to three) and automatic media switching, as well as convenient bin to catch the printed work. It is perfect for a huge range of business applications including business graphics, posters, GIS and maps, orthophotos, colour drawings and black and white line drawings, as well as much more.

  • Stunning print resolution of 2400×1200 dpi
  • D/A1-size prints in just 15.5 seconds – up to 165 prints per hour
  • Six 775ml original HP inks
  • Two roll feeds (with the option to upgrade to three)
  • Automatic roll switching
  • Automatic cutter

Flexible, high quality printing without ongoing service charges

You no longer have to outsource large format printing when you have the HP DesignJet T7200. Producing complex printouts in perfect clarity at the same cost as LED printers but without any service charge. Customers and clients will be impressed by the stunning accuracy and professional grade images.

6 ink printer with optional 775ml cartridge

The Designjet T7200 has 6 x 400ml Vivera ink cartridges HP No. 761 – which are supplied in the following colours: Gray, Dark Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Matte Black. For users requiring increased cartridge capacity there is an optional 775ml Matte Black ink. The printheads are supplied as: Grey and Dark Gray (dual colour), Cyan and Magenta (dual colour), Yellow and Matte Black. While the colour ink is dye-based the Matte Black is a pigment based ink.

Integrates easily with your current infrastructure

One of the best features of this production printer is that it can fit seamlessly into your office environment. It has built-in connectivity as well as a security and manageability tools. There’s even an embedded job accounting function that makes it easy for you to track the printer usage so that you understand the costs and can manage them effectively.

Requires an HP DesignJet ePrint & Share account, Internet connection to the printer, and connected Internet-capable device. When using the HP DesignJet ePrint & Share mobile app, a compatible Apple® iOS or Android™ device and Internet connection are required. Data or connection charges may apply. Print times may vary. 2 GB of temporary storage per account.

Advanced workflow add-on’s, Accessories and Security

The accessories available for the HP Designjet T7200 Production Printer include:

  • HP Designjet Roll Upgrade Kit
  • HP Designjet PostScript/PDF Upgrade Kit
  • HP Designjet 220V Stacker
  • HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner
  • HP Jetdirect 640n Print Server
  • HP SmartStream Preflight Manager for HP Designjet
  • HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP Designjet T7100/T7200 Production Printer
  • HP endorses two production folders: Butterfly Extra II Folder (GERA) and estefold 4211-HP (es-te)

Note: Designjet T7100 accessories are also compatible with the Designjet T7200

PostScript Upgrade Kit

With the HP Designjet PostScript / PDF Upgrade kit (CQ745B) you can easily process complex files and automate manual processes, as well as handle complex PDF, CAD, technical drawings, maps and other files easily and effectively. PostScript helps speed up the printing process by giving you the ability to queue and print PDF files without ever opening the file and reduces the steps needed to print a job, printing directly from an intuitive HP front panel. For example, you will be able to select and send 10 x PDF files to the printer and have them print without ever viewing them. This can be a real time saving attribute if you deal with a lot of PDF files over an average working week – and the additional cost at the outset is outweighed by future long term time-saving benefits. You will also need the PostScript/PDF Upgrade Kit to print from a Mac with the printer driver (there are other options to print from a Mac, for example, by using HP Embedded Web Server).

The PostScript/PDF upgrade is supplied as a USB dongle that you can plug into the back of your printer to convert your printer to PostScript and will support PDF, TIFF and JPEG. Once the printer is converted to PostScript the dongle can be removed. There is also a 512 MB memory DIMM that must be installed in the back of the printer. For higher productivity (from processing to printing) use the HP-GL/2 driver. For a complex PDF or PostScript file, use the PostScript driver which provides correct object location and accurate colour reproduction.

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