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Securely Print From a Tablet Or Smart Phone

Mobile technology such as smart phones, tablets and laptops make a huge difference – they help businesses improve flexibility and efficiency – essential for survival in the current economic climate.

PBS can offer a range of mobile solutions to suit your business

Secure printing

As a basic requirement for mobile printing in corporate environments, end-to-end security has to be ensured for the storage and transmission of all data (client-to-server, server-to-device encryption). Security is mandatory also for print job release: Users should be obliged to authenticate directly at the output device to release their print jobs. Secure job release on the printer limits printing to authorised staff. It also reduces the likelihood of misprints as well as printouts, with possibly confidential information, being left unattended in printer output trays.

Support of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) corporate policy

For users, a corporate mobile printing environment based on the BYOD* approach offers maximum flexibility and convenience. This requires mobile printing solutions that cover employees’ own devices, from all vendors and working on numerous platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, etc. …).

With multi-vendor mobile solutions, employees in corporate offices can easily use their own smart and mobile devices for their work applications, without being limited to specific vendors or platforms

Accounting & charging

An essential requirement in most corporate and public environments is charging all prints to the respective internal cost centres or external visitors (customers, etc.). For this, the mobile printing application either needs an accounting function; or it must at least be possible to extend it with an accounting connector. Keeping track of all print activities and the simple creation of corresponding invoices saves time and money. Listing all print jobs in user activity logs provides enhanced convenience and customer service, such as documentation for customer reference. The availability of basic accounting functions means less work for operators but constitutes an important benefit for the customer. In corporate environments, accounting & charging facilitates the allocation of print costs to internal departments and respective cost centres.

Support of file formats & output settings

Today, mobile workers use a wide range of file formats and receive e-mails with various attachments. They expect maximum usability with regard to processing their files. The same applies to being able to choose from the whole spectrum of print settings available on the output device. Across-the-board support of file formats and print settings ensures instant printing of any document without having to convert files first. This saves time and provides enhanced user convenience, especially if users can take advantage of their preferred print and finishing settings.

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