Canon M Print


Canon Mobile Printing App for iPhone® and iPad®

This is a free application for Canon Laser printers or multifunctionals to easily print photographs, images, document files, PDF files, web pages, etc. from an iPhone or iPad.

Main Features

  • Quickly and easily set paper sizes.
  • Print up to 20 images at one time.
  • Start the camera and print a photograph you have just taken.
  • Display and print web pages.
  • Link to a wide variety of applications and print files.
  • You can recreate the original layout of a Microsoft Office file by correcting the layout with the Data Conversion Service on the internet.
  • Perform high speed printing with PDF direct printing.*
  • Display in the app the optimum print setting according to the options attached to multifunctionals and printers.
  • Configure detailed print settings such as colour mode, number of pages, 2-sided printing.
  • Perform secure printing that requires a user name and password when printing.
  • Enter department IDs and passwords from the app to print with printers and multifunctionals that use the department ID management function.
  • Automatically detect printers on a network, or search manually by specifying the IP address/DNS.
  • Store print data in multi-function printers and printers (not supported by all printers).

* Supported only by printer models equipped with PDF direct printing or the PS printing function, and printer models with an optional HDD, ROM or RAM attached.

What type of files can I print?

  • Photographs
  • Web pages
  • Image files – JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF
  • PDF files
  • Microsoft Office files – doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx

How does it work?

  • Your iPhone or iPad must be connected to a wireless LAN access point.
  • Your multi-function printer or printer and the access point must be connected by LAN or wireless LAN.

Helpful tips:

  • For printing with PIXMA series, SELPHY series or MAXFY series printers, use PIXMA/MAXFY Printing Solutions or Canon Easy-PhotoPrint.
  • Some Microsoft Office files may not preview or print correctly depending on the content of their data. In such cases if you correct the layout with the Data Conversion Service, you can print the file with its original layout.
  • Because supported printing functions differ between printers, print data may be output without the print settings used in this app being applied, depending on the printer model you are using


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