Automated production processes are standard practice in industry. Just think of how cars are made. But in many offices automation is unheard of. Each step in the document workflow is undertaken by hand and in many cases duplication cannot be avoided. Such inefficiency costs time and money, which small to mid-sized businesses cannot afford. This is where DEVELOP’s convert+share tool can make a big difference – with only minimal effort.


convert+share offers functions that are as effective as they are easy to use. They do away with manual work processes and sustainably optimise your document workflow, e.g. by scanning documents as .docx files and sending them straight from a multifunctional printer to Windows files, email addresses, Google Docs, Evernote or a Microsoft SharePoint. That saves you time and effort – and allows you to concentrate on more important things.

With convert+share you simply scan your documents on a multifunctional printer and receive a searchable PDF that allows you to copy relevant sections of the text into any other document. If you need to edit the text, just use the tool’s Scan-to-Word function to create a .docx file you can open and edit with Microsoft Word. All this saves a great deal of time.

convert+share offers you the possibility to scan all your documents in one go. You just place a sheet of paper with a pre-printed barcode on top of every document. The whole pile of documents will then be scanned in one go and the scans will automatically be separated and sent to the relevant file –easy to find, correctly stored, and much faster than manual scanning.

Up to now, you’ve probably emailed them to your address, opened the respective database and stored the document there. Now you can avoid such detours because convert+share allows you to scan documents straight into Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, Evernote or Windows databases.

With the help of zone OCR, convert+share speeds up extracting information like for example the customer’s name or account number of your scanned document. A feature especially of interest when storing a document in an electronic document management system like store+find. Zone OCR automatically recognises predefined zones in a document. That way, you no longer need to enter key words or index terms manually, but the respective information will be directly linked to your document – that makes archiving much easier and the document search faster.

Most electronic archiving systems require documents to be formatted as PDF/A files, but unfortunately many multifunctional printers do not support this format. Again, this is no problem with convert+share, which scans documents as PDF/A files so that you are able to easily store them in your archiving system.

convert+share offers you the extraordinary possibility to store your documents in the required format directly via the MFP into DEVELOP’s own electronic document management software store+find. So you can easily combine process automation and document management.

convert+share is simplicity itself. It is easy to configure, even for non-IT specialists, and could not be simpler to operate. Why not see for yourself!


How you benefit

    User administration

  • Direct access to your workflow from the MFP’s panel
  • Hot folder for transferring digital document files to other formats and directly forward them to the destinations pannel from convert+share

Document processing

  • Barcode separation
  • Creation of PDF/A files and searchable PDFs, Scan-to-Word function
  • Zone OCR

Document transfer

  • Direct storage of documents in Microsoft SharePoint, Evernote, Google Docs and Windows files
  • Forwarding documents via email
  • Capturing documents directly in DEVELOPs electronic document management system store+fin
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