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Our modular systems allow your solution to be configured specifically to address the needs of your business

Options include

  • Route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers
  • Multiple routing rules can be set per printer
  • Ability to route jobs from one networked printer to another
  • Ask end users to confirm single sided output
  • Delete duplicate jobs or those with incorrect paper sizes automatically
  • Ensures that users are aware of the costs involved with printing
  • Discourage printing of emails via popup warnings
  • Suggest alternate printers when a device is offline
  • Managers can be set as “authorisers” to confirm a job is acceptable before it is printed.
  • Build your own rules with advanced print scripting.

By combining filter rules, administrators can improve printer use, minimize queue hogging, and avoid wasteful print jobs.

Routing Criteria

  • Cost of job
  • Job name
  • Total pages in job
  • Number of copies
  • Number of pages
  • Job contains color
  • Job is printed single sided
  • Originating PC name
  • Time of day
  • Size (in bytes)
  • Printer status
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