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Date: February 2017 |
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Monitor Business Printing & Control Costs.

One Platform for all your Print, Scan and Device Management

uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional devices to the organization. With uniFLOW, our customers benefit from

  • An integrated platform for all your print, scan and device management
  • A software that is scalable to any size to provide flexibility regardless of your business type
  • A modular architecture to allow benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business
  • An open platform to manage the office print and scan infrastructure, as well as the corporate print room
  • A device independent platform allowing you to easily integrate a mixed fleet of device

UniFlow 2016 Brochure


Date: January 2017 |
Categories: Company News, Industry News

PBS Sales Up 74% in 2016

PBS Achieves Another Year of Record Growth

The UK based Managed Print Services company announced today that it marked 2016 with record momentum and growth. The company experienced more than 74% percent increase in customer sales compared to the prior year. “These results are the outcome of a highly effective sales strategy centered on collaboration and integration among all the Group’s areas of expertise, to provide our clients with an efficient and innovative service.

Understanding The Value Of Managed Print

Date: August 2016 |
Categories: Company News, Industry News

Understanding The Value Of Managed Print

Managed Print Services

Over the past few years the value of managed print services has begun to feature more on the radar of  UK companies.  The credit crunch has only heightened interest in the subject.

This points to the challenging sales environment across all form factors and channels.  PBS  recommend adopting strategic and deployment alternatives such as managed print services to help better control costs. Print costs are pretty large and most users don’t have visibility of them. They don’t understand their print costs and how to reduce them.

The Value Of Managed Print Software

Using Canon’s Uniflow Output Manager product, PBS are able to provide print audits for customers. This can be used to get an overview of print requirements. Reports show areas where colour print is high or current devices are inefficient. Prints audit reports also help reduce the number of devices by pin pointing key geographical areas where machines can be removed. Smaller legacy devices can also be removed in exchange for larger more efficient devices that can serve an entire department.

Benefits Of Managed Print Software

The big benefits are reduced wastage and the ability to use the most efficient output device with the most efficient options. With full visibility of everything printed in an organisation, companies can also charge back print costs to individual departments.

PBS customers have had a lot of success over the past six months on the back of Uniflow Output Manager.

Other Managed Print Software Available

In addition to Uniflow, PBS also offer Papercut, Followme print & Equitrac. These are supplied, installed and supported directly by PBS giving the customer complete peace of mild. From hardware to a complete managed print solution PBS will be with you every step of the way. For more information call 0800 157 7487 of email sales@pbs-group.co.uk