Reducing Print Costs



4 easy ways PBS can help reduce prints costs.

1 . Use our free 30 day print audit to identify printing trends & spends.

2 . PBS will help your organisation match the right hardware for your print demands.

3 . Introduce a rules  print system to reduce unnecessary printing and waste.

4 . PBS can help you monitor, manage & support your print fleet.


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Document printing can be one of the largest expenses for many organizations, costing up to 3% of revenue annually. Yet many organizations don’t have the time, staff, or expertise to effectively monitor and manage their print environment. Controlling print costs may not be your core business but it is critical to the success of your business.
PBS Group, is renowned for its portfolio of cutting-edge imaging technologies and workflow solutions, offers its expertise to help you improve the performance of your print enterprise through Managed Print Services (MPS). Our MPS program supports all aspects of your output environment to  help you minimise cost, increase productivity, and ensure environmental sustainability. We develop customised solutions to help you design an optimised print environment to meet your needs today, and over time  as your business needs change.



• Offers total print management capabilities
• Provides certified training and support
• A single-source solutions provider
• Offers nationwide coverage


We are dedicated to supporting you with superior solutions, highly skilled professionals, and
advanced diagnostic systems to maintain peak performance across your entire print fleet.
With ongoing consultation, we can further your document management capabilities to ensure
the highest level of satisfaction and productivity. Start today with Managed Print Services from
The PBS Group.


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