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Top Quality Office Printer Services

We at PBS Group are proud to provide our London clients with a variety of printer services, all of which are of the highest quality. When it comes to printers, we have a range of top class options, allowing you to rest assured that you are getting the very best product when leasing/renting. Printer servicing and maintenance is also something that we offer as we know how much of an effect a broken printer can have on a business. If you want to know more about our fantastic services, please do read on.

Printer Leasing London

Top level printers have the ability to transform a business but unfortunately, many organisations are not able to pay for one upfront. However with our printer leasing service, London businesses are now able to enjoy the benefits of our printers without paying for them in one lump sum. Our printer leasing contracts are extremely affordable so we are confident that we can find something that is right for you.

Printer Rental London

Sometimes businesses only need a printer for a certain period of time. If this is the case, then why not try our printer rental service? We offer short, medium and long term rental periods, giving you the ability to decide what is best for your business. Much like with our leasing contracts, our rental fees are highly competitive, thus ensuring that you get a great deal.

Printer Servicing & Maintenance London

As mentioned above, we understand the impact that a faulty printer can have on a company. This is why we offer thorough servicing and maintenance to all London businesses who are in need of it. These services include routine maintenance, one-off inspections and emergency repairs, to name a few.

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